7 Reasons to Use Digital Image Analysis

…in your Histopathology Research

Ever wondered if going digital is worth it? Here are 7 reasons to use digital image analysis in your research …

Overview of 7 reasons to use digital image analysis in histopathology research

1Conduct quantitative analyses that are simply not possible manually,

e.g., counting all cells, statistics about cell-cell connections,
accurate measurements; tissue composition;
predict mutations from standard stain.
2Analyze more data to get higher statistical significance.

Evaluate larger ROIs, an entire whole-slide,
or an entire data set comprising hundreds of slides.
3Analyze slides faster: more data in the same time.

You only have little time for your research.
Use it efficiently and do not waste time on manual evaluations.
Analyzing entire data sets takes hours, not days.
4Analyze slides faster: same data in less time.

Be the first to publish your discovery.
The clock is ticking. Don‘t let others beat you to the punch.
5Increase chance of getting your paper accepted
by using latest digital technologies and AI.

When scoring manually, reviewers will challenge you and ask why no DIA was used.
6Eliminate Bias, Inter- and Intra-Observer Variance.

Digital analysis will yield identical results regardless of time and stress.
It will not unconsciously change it‘s evaluation criteria over the course
of a larger analysis.
7Do not waste your talent and intelligence on tedious tasks.

Let the computer collect the raw data.
You draw the conclusions and focus on complicated cases.

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Volker Bruns

Volker is a digital pathology and spatial biology enthusiast with a computer science background. Volker and his team develop commercial image analysis software for digital pathology and offer contract development, as well as image analysis as a service in the life sciences.

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