Our Partners: Institute of Pathology ‒ University Hospital Erlangen-Nuremberg

Two of our closest clinical partners, Prof. Dr. Arndt Hartmann, head of the Institute of Phathology, and Adjunct Professor Dr. Carol Geppert, head of cytology and digital pathology at the University Hospital Erlangen-Nuremberg comment on the collaboration with us. This collaboration already produced numerous scientific publications in the field of digital pathology as well as a range of apps and features in our MIKAIA software.

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Volker Bruns

Volker is a digital pathology and spatial biology enthusiast with a computer science background. Volker and his team develop commercial image analysis software for digital pathology and offer contract development, as well as image analysis as a service in the life sciences.

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Dr. Volker Bruns
Group Manager
Medical Image Analysis (MIA)
Digital Health and Analytics | Fraunhofer IIS