Annual Congress of the German Society of Pathology (DGP Jahrestagung) 2023 @ Leipzig

The 2023 congress of the German Society of Pathology (DGP) was hosted by Tübingen’s Pathology Director Prof. Dr. Falko Fend. It took place June 1st-3rd in the congress center in sunny Leipzig. Last I’ve heard, about 750 delegates registered and attended the congress. It is currently Saturday around noon and the congress is nearing its end. This year’s motto is “pathology – more than meets the eye”.

A high profiling line-up of key note speakers gave the DGP an international flair this year:

Line-up at the Annual Congress of the German Society of Pathology 2023

The first key note, preceeding the opening speeach on Thursday evening was given by Stanford’s immunologist Garry Nolan, who also co-founded well-known proteomics companies Akoya Biosciences and Ionpath, among others. His keynote covered a range of experiments that involve heavy use of quite a range of spatial biology instruments (quote “throw omics at it”), which many German pathologists will likely dream of having at their disposal.

The bioinformatics tracks were hosted by Kameda’s Andrey Bychkov, Charité’s Norman Zerbe, Aachen’s Peter Boor, Göttingen’s Philipp Ströbel, and Tübingen’s Christian Schürch. The list of speakers included well known names such as Geert Litjens, Yuri Tolkach, Jakob Kather, Cleo-Aron Weiss, Peter Schüffler, and more.

I had the opportunity to give a talk on MICAIA®’s new AI Author App that enables users who do not have a technical background and do not want to have to learn how to code to train an AI model. Our Few Shot Learning approach to AI authoring, which does not require users to provide hundreds or even thousands of ground truth annotations got very good responses. Some attendees later tried it out themselves at our booth.

This year, the industry exhibition was well integrated with the scientific congress.

A broad range of exhibitors demoed their solutions, including

  • scanner and instrument vendors: Olypmus/Evident, Sysmex/3DHISTECH, Hamamatsu, Precipoint, Motic, West Medica, Inveox, …
  • pharma (MSD, BMS, Astella, AstraZeneca, …
  • image analysis: Fraunhofer IIS/MICAIA®, Aiforia, aetherAI, Visiopharm (at DAKO’s booth)
  • DP platforms: Smart in Media, Nexus, Agilent, …
  • spatial biology: Akoya Biosciences, Nanostring, Vizgen
  • quality assurance organisations: QUIP, USCAP
  • assays: Zytomed/Zytovision, …

Download the DGP 2023 proceedings from here.

The DGP 2024 will be take place in Garching near Munich, and for 2025 tentative plans are to return to Leipzig.

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Volker Bruns

Volker is a digital pathology and spatial biology enthusiast with a computer science background. Volker and his team develop commercial image analysis software for digital pathology and offer contract development, as well as image analysis as a service in the life sciences.

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