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Acronym Domain Meaning
ACE ICT Adaptive Communication Environment
ADSL ICT Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AFAP Organisational As Fast As Possible
ALARA Risk As Low As Reasonably Achievable
ALM ICT Application-Layer Multicast
ALMI ICT Application-Layer Multicast Infrastructure
ALSP ICT, Simulation Aggregate Level Simulation Protocol
API ICT Application Programming Interface
ATC (1) Transport Air Traffic Control
ATC (2) Transport Automated Train Control
ATM (1) Financial Automated Teller Machine
ATM (2) ICT Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATO Transport Automated Train Operation
ATP Transport Automated Train Protection
BTP ICT Banana Tree Protocol
CBM Organisational Security Confidence Building Measure(s)
CBR(S) ICT Constant Bit-Rate (Service)
CBRN Threat CIP Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear
CBRNE Threat CIP Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives
CBRNED Threat CIP Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives and Digital/Cyber
CC ICT Communication Controller
CCB CIP ICT Cybersecurity Capacity Building
CCF CIP Common Cause Failure
CE ICT Communication Element
CEII CIP Energy Critical Energy Infrastructure Information
CEIP CIP Energy Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection
CEO Organisational Chief Executive Officer
CER CIP Critical Entities Resilience Directive (EU) 2022/2557
CERT ICT Security Computer Emergency Response Team
CI CIP Security Critical Infrastructure
CICI CIP ICT Security Cybersecurity Innovation for Cyberinfrastructure
CII CIP ICT Security Critical Information Infrastructure
CIID CIP Critical Infrastructure Incident Database
CIIP CIP ICT Security Critical Information Infrastructure Protection
CIIP ICT (in this context avoid confusion with) Civil Initiatives for Internet Policy
CIIPR CIP ICT Security Critical Information Infrastructure Protection and Resilience
CIIR CIP CIR ICT Security Critical Information Infrastructure Resilience
CIP CIP Security Critical Infrastructure Protection
CIPI CIP Security Critical Infrastructure Protection Information
CIPMA CIP Critical Infrastructure Critical Infrastructure Program for Modelling and Analysis
CIP PoCI CIP Security CIP Point of Contact
CIR CIP CIR Security Critical Infrastructure Resilience
CIS ICT Security Cybersecurity Information Sharing
CISA ICT Security Organisational Cyber Information Sharing Agreement
CISO ICT Security Organisational Chief Information Security Officer
CIWIN EU Critical Infrastructure Warning and Information Network
CL ICT Communication Layer
CMF CIP Common Mode Failure
CNI CIP Critical National Infrastructure
CNII CIP Critical National Information Infrastructure
COMAH CIP Control of Major Accident Hazards
COTS Organisational Commercial off-the-shelf
CPN ICT Cognitive Packet Network
CPS CIP Cyber Physical System
CRM Organisational Customer Relationship Management
CSIP ICT Security Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan (USA)
CSIRT ICT Security Computer Security Incident Response Team
CSO (1) Security Organisational Chief Security Officer
CSO (2) Water Combined Sewer Overflow
CTI ICT Security Cyber Threat Intelligence
CTIP CIP ICT Critical Telecommunication Infrastructure Protection
CyCLONe EU CIIP Cyber EU Cyber Crisis Liaison Organisation Network
DCI CIP Security (US) Defense Critical Infrastructure
DCS (1) ICT Digital Communication System
DCS (2) ICT Distributed Control System
DDoS ICT Distributed Denial of Service
DES (1) ICT Security Data Encryption Standard
DES (2) Simulation Discrete Event Simulation
DFS ICT Depth-First Search
DIESIS EU Simulation Design of an Interoperable European federated Simulation network for critical InfraStructures
DIS Simulation Distributed Interactive Simulation
DOC Organisational Direct Operating Cost
DORA EU CIIP Digital Operational Resilience Act EU 2022/2254 (financial institutions)
DoS ICT Denial of Service
DSS Organisational Decision Support System
DVE ICT Distributed Virtual Environment
DVMRP ICT Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
ECI EU CIP European Critical Infrastructure
ECIC CIP Exceptionally Critical Infrastructure Conditions
EII ICT EISAC Interoperability Infrastructure
EIII ICT EII Interface
EIIM ICT EISAC Interoperability Infrastructure Middleware
e-IRG EU e-Infrastructures Reflection Group
EISAC EU Simulation European Infrastructures Simulation and Analysis Centre
EMP Threat Electromagnetic Pulse
ENISA EU European Network and Information Security Agency
EPCIP EU CIP European Program on Critical Infrastructures Protection
ERA EU European Research Area
ERNCIP EU European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection
ESFRI EU European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures
EUCI EU ICT EU Classified Information (do not confuse with ECI)
EWE Threat CIP Extreme Weather Event
FACTS Energy Flexible AC Transmission Systems
FAN ICT Field Area Network
FC ICT Federation Controller
FCM Simulation Federation Control Module
FMS&A Simulation Federated Modelling, Simulation and Analysis
FOM Simulation Federation Object Model
FONT Simulation Federation Ontology
FTP ICT File Transfer Protocol
GIS ICT Geographical Information System
GNSS Transport ICT Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS, Galileo, Beidou, Glonass)
GPS Transport ICT Global Positioning System
GSM ICT Global System for Mobile Communications (Groupe Spéciale Mobile)
GSM-R Transport GSM for Railways
GUI ICT Graphical User Interface
HAN ICT Home Area Network
HARA ICT Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
HAZOP Risk Hazard and Operability Study
HILP Risk High Impact, Low Probability
HLA Simulation High Level Architecture
HMI ICT Human-Machine Interface
HMTP ICT Host Multicast Tree Protocol
HTTP ICT Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPS ICT Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
HVAC various Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
ICE EU CIP Infrastrutture Critiche Europee
ICS ICT Industrial Control System
ICT ICT Information and Communication Technolog(y)(ies)
IDT CIP Infrastructure Data Taxonomy
IEMI Security Intentional Electromagnetic Interference
IONT Simulation Infrastructure Ontology
IP (1) ICT Internet Protocol
IP (2) CIP (DHS) Office of Infrastructure Protection
IPC ICT Inter-process Communication
ISAC ICT Security Organisational Information Sharing and Analysis Centre
ISAO ICT Security Organisational Information Sharing and Analysis Organisation
IT ICT Information Technology
JESS ICT Java Expert System Shell
JIMP Organisational Joint, Interagency, Multinational and Public
JVM ICT Java Virtual Machine
KBS ICT Knowledge Base System
LAMPS Simulation Language for Agent-based Modelling of Processes and Scenarios
LAN ICT Local Area Network
MAC ICT Media Access Control
MAIFI Service, Power Momentary Average Interruption Frequency Index
MANET ICT Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
MISP ICT Security Malware Information Sharing Platform
MPLS ICT Multiprotocol Label Switching
MS EU Member State(s)
MST ICT Minimum Spanning Tree
MS&A Simulation Modelling, Simulation and Analysis
MTBF Service Mean Time Between Failures
MTTR Service Mean Time To Repair
NAC ICT Network Access Control
NAT ICT Network Address Translation
NATECH CIP, EU Natural Hazard Triggering Technological Disasters
NCI CIP National Critical Infrastructure
NCI&KA CIP National Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets
NERC Energy North American Electric Reliability Corporation
NGI CIP Next Generation Infrastructure
NIS ICT CIIP Network and Information System
NIS 2 ICT CIIP Network and Information System Directive 2 (EU) 2022/2555
NNCEIP CIP Energy non-Nuclear Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection
NSA Security National Security Agency
NSTISSI ICT National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Instruction
NTP ICT Network Time Protocol
OGSA ICT Open Grid Services Architecture
OS ICT Operating System
OSP CIP Organisational (CI) Operator Security Procedures
OWL ICT Web Ontology Language
P2P ICT Peer-To-Peer
PCII CIP Protected Critical Infrastructure Information
PCS ICT Process Control System
PDES Simulation Parallel Discrete Event Simulation
PDU ICT Protocol Data Unit
PESTLE Organisational Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental
PLC ICT Programmable Logic Controller
PN ICT Physical Node
PNeT ICT Physical Network
PNT Transport ICT Service Positioning, Navigation and Timing
POCBS Threat CIP Power Outages Caused By Squirrels
PoC Organisational Proof of Concept
PPC Organisational Public-Private Cooperation
PPP Organisational Public-Private Partnership
QoS Service Quality of Service
QRT ICT Queue Reader Thread
RA Risk Risk Assessment
RfO Service Reason for Outage
RNN ICT Random Neural Network
RO ICT Receive Order
RP ICT Rendezvous Point
RPC ICT Remote Procedure Call
RTI Simulation Run Time Infrastructure
RTT ICT Round-Trip Time
SAHARA ICT Secure-Aware Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
SAIDI Service System Average Interruption Duration Index
SAIFI Service System Average Interruption Frequency Index
SCADA ICT Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SLA Service Service Level Agreement
SLO CIP Organisational Security Liaison Officer
SOA ICT Service-Oriented Architecture
SOAP ICT Simple Object Access Protocol
SOAP-RPC ICT SOAP Remote Procedure Call
SOC ICT Security Organisational Security Operating Centre
SONT Simulation Simulator Ontology
SPT ICT Shortest Path Tree
SQL ICT Structured Query Language
SSA CIP Sector-Specific Agency
SSL ICT Secure Sockets Layer
SWRL ICT Semantic Web Rule Language
TAO Rail Trein Aantastende Onregelmatigheid (Train disturbance event)
TBCP ICT Tree Building Control Protocol
TCM ICT TCP Communication Module
TCP ICT Transmission Control Protocol
TCP/IP ICT Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol
TETRA ICT TErrestrial Trunked RAdio
TIC ICT Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones (ICT in Spanish)
TLP Organisational Security Traffic Light Protocol
TLS ICT Transport Layer Security
TMM ICT Time Management Module
TNCEIP EU Thematic Network on Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection
TPoC EU Technical Proof-of-Concept
TSO ICT Timestamp Order
UDM ICT UDP Communication Module
UDP ICT User Datagram Protocol
UML ICT Unified Modeling Language
VN ICT Virtual Node
VNet ICT Virtual Network
VSF CIP Vital Societal Functions
WAN ICT Wide Area Network
WARP Organisational Security Warning, Advice and Reporting Point
WP EU Work Package
WSDL ICT Web Services Description Language
XML ICT Extensible Markup Language
XSL ICT Extensible Stylesheet Language
XSLT ICT XSL Transformations
Yoid ICT Your Own Internet Distribution