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CI Sector Glossaries
Sector All CI Energy ICT systems Transport State and administration Media and culture Supply chains Water Finance Health
Organisation Long name Link Countries Languages
International Agencies and Organisations
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency PDF International EN-FR-SP-Russian-Arabic Nuclear energy
WHO World Health Organisation Reliefweb International EN Glossary of Humanitarian terms
Industry Associations
AFME Association for Financial Markets in Europe Web Europe EN Finance
ATIS Alliance for Telecommunication Industry Solutions Web USA EN Telecommunication
ENTSO-E European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity PDF Europe EN Electricity transmission
ENTSOG European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas PDF Europe EN Gas balancing
GIE Gas Infrastructure Europe PDF Europe EN Gas Transmission, Storage, LNG
IEA International Energy Agency International EN Energy, Climate adaptation
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission Electropedia: The World's Online Electrotechnical Vocabulary International EN-FR Electrotechnical
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards Web International EN-DE Reporting
ISGAN International Smart Grid Action Network Web International EN Smart Grid
TIA Telecommunications Industry Association Web International EN Telecommunication
UIC Union International de Chemin de Fer Web International EN GSM-R
European Agencies
ECB European Central Bank PDF Europe EN Payment, clearing and settlement systems
ERA European Railway Agency PDF Europe EN-FR-DE Railway
ENISA European Union Agency for Network and Information Security Web Europe EN Risk management
EMEA European Medicines Agency Web Europe EN Medicine
EIB European Investment Bank Web Europe DE-EN-FR Finance
EUROSTAT European Statistics Agency Web Europe DE-EE-EN-FR-NL-PO-S Energy ICT Transport Government Finance Health
European Union
EU Glossaries available on Europa PDF Europe EN EU glossaries
EU CBRN-E Glossary Web EN Europe EN EU CBRN-E glossary
EU EU public finances glossary PDF Europe EN Public finances Public finances
EU Enterprise and industry glossary Web EN Europe EU 15L Enterprises and industries
EU Enterprise and industry glossary Web NL Europe NL Enterprises and industries
EU Enterprise and industry glossary Web IT Europe IT Enterprises and industries
EU Enterprise and industry glossary Web GR Europe GR Enterprises and industries
EU Enterprise and industry glossary Web PL Europe PL Enterprises and industries
EU Enterprise and industry glossary Web DE Europe DE Enterprises and industries
EU Enterprise and industry glossary Web FR Europe FR Enterprises and industries
EU Environment Web Europe EN Urban Waste Water
North America
CDC US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention PDF USA EN Health
DHS Department of Homeland Security Web USA EN Infrastructure taxonomy
EIA Energy Information Administration Web USA EN Energy
EPA US Environmental Protection Agency PDF USA EN Drinking water PDF
General Services Administration Federal standard 1037C PDF USA EN Telecommunication
Web USA EN Telecommunication
NERC North American Electric Reliability Corporation PDF USA, Canada EN Electricity
NIST National Institute for Standards and Technology PDF EN ICT in all CI ICT
Sac State University Sacramento State Office of Water Programs Web USA EN Water and wastewater
US DOT US Department of Transportation PDF USA EN Shipping
USGS US Geological Survey Web USA EN Drinking water; waste water; sewage
Other Countries
BOM Australian Water Information Dictionary Web Australia EN Water market reports
YPA Greek Air Traffic Management Glossary Glossary Greece EN - GR Air transport
Private Companies
Aqua Science Aqua Science company Web International EN Water treatment
Advanced BioTech Advanced BioTech Web International EN Water and wastewater
Cellular Networking Perspectives Ltd. Wireless, Telecom and Computer Glossary Web International EN Wireless, Telecom and Computer
Eutelsat Eutelsat Web Europe EN Satellite telecommunication
Gasunie Gasunie Web The Netherlands EN Gas transport
Mueller Water Products Mueller Water Products Web USA EN Water infrastructure
Oil and Gas UK Oil and Gas UK Web International EN Oil and Gas
RBF Michael Baker International Web International EN GPS GPS Drinking water
Schlumberger Schlumberger Web International EN, SP Oil field glossary
Water Maxim Water Maxim Web UK EN Wastewater
Verizon Verizon Web USA EN Telecommunications
Publishing Houses
Oxford University Press Dictionary of Media and Communication Web International EN Communication Media
Thomas Publishing Company Inbound Logistics Web International EN Transportation Logistics