SHORE provides Facial Analysis with Data Protection Certification for SHORE® Products

How to…obtain Data Protection Certification for SHORE® Products

The SHORE® software library is designed for real-time face detection, facial analysis, and the detection of psycho-physiological states. As with all facial analysis software, stringent data protection standards are a crucial concern. That is why SHORE® performs its real-time analysis of images or video streams offline, meaning that no video material is stored or processed externally. As a result, applications that work exclusively with metadata such as age, gender and emotional state are enabled- which is essential if you’re looking for an independent data protection certification.

Key features of SHORE®

Three key features of SHORE® ensure the protection of personal data and enable privacy-friendly applications:

  • Anonymity: SHORE®’s face detection and analysis is non-personal and anonymous, and does not offer any functionality for person detection, identification, or validation. In other words, it is not possible to use SHORE® to compare individuals in a database and accurately assign a person to their identity.
  • Data Minimization: Only modalities required for a specific use case are collected by SHORE®. Our customers can therefore activate precisely the functionalities that are needed for their application and freely choose any combination of the supported analysis modules. These include the basic analyses for age, gender, and emotions (happy, angry, sad, surprised, frightened, disgusted, neutral) as well as valence (i.e., whether predominant emotion is positive or negative), and the contactless heart rate estimation.
  • Zero Footprint Data: All image data is discarded immediately after processing. Data collected by SHORE® consists solely of metadata and can safely be transmitted to other systems, such as mobile phones or PCs.

Data protection certification guaranteed

Thanks to this implemented privacy protection, SHORE® offers the best conditions for you to obtain an independent data protection certification for your products. Our expert advice, from application concept to the successfully certified product, ensures that data protection requirements are met all the way along the value chain. For instance, from 2015 to 2023, SHORE® has already been tested on a camera platform by the neutral organization ePrivacy GmbH and awarded the seal of approval.

SHORE® is licensed based on individual or group license agreements. If necessary, extensions and customizations can be made according to the customer’s needs.

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Dr. Dominik Seuß completed his studies in Applied Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. As the head of the "Facial Analysis Solutions" group, he is responsible for the development of SHORE and highly efficient AI algorithms for facial detection and analysis. He strives to deliver tailored detection solutions that meet the individual needs of his customers while covering the entire development pipeline, encompassing the creation of training data material, algorithmics, and deployment.

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