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International Definitions

Alert: Advisory that hazard is approaching but is less imminent than implied by warning message. [1]

Alerta: Se avisa de que se aproxima un peligro, pero que es menos inminente que lo que implicaría in mensaje de advertencia. [1]

Alerte initiale: Avertissement d'un danger approchant mais moins imminent que dans un message d'alerte. [1]

National Definitions


Alerta: Estado declarado con anterioridad a la manifestación de una amenaza bajo monitoreo, que permite tomar decisiones específicas para que se activen procedimientos de acción previamente establecidos. [2]


A time-sensitive notification informing recipients that an event possibly causing significant harm or damage is imminent or likely to occur.

Alerte: Notification à caractère urgent informant les destinataires de l’arrivée imminente ou probable d’un événement qui pourrait entraîner des dommages importants. [3]


Alerta: Estado declarado con el fin de tomar precauciones o acciones específicas, debido a la presencia o inminente impacto de un evento adverso. [4]


Alert: விழி"பறி�ைக [5]


הודעה על אירוע סייבר ודרכי ההתמודדות המומלצות עמו, המיועדת לקבוצת נמענים מוגדרת מראש, ומכילה מידע בעל ערך אבטחתי [6]


Alerte: Moyen de prévenir de l'arrivée d'un danger. [7]


Alert: Message that advises people and organisations when an event is expected to affect a community, area or facility in the near future and that they should take action. A period when resources may require to be brought to a higher level of preparedness. [8]


Alert: Message formulated describing a circumstance to raise awareness among citizens and professionals in the field of computer security. [9]

United States

(cyber) Alert: A notification that a specific attack has been detected or directed at an organization’s information systems. [10]

ALert: Notification that a specific attack has been directed at an organization’s information systems. Source: CNSSI 4009-2015 [11]

ALert: A notification of an important observed event. Source: NIST SP 800-94 [11]


Alerta: estado declarado con el fin de tomar precauciones especificas, debido a la probable y cercana ocurrencia de suceso o evento destructivo. [12]

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