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Damage can be tangible or non-tangible.


European Definitions

Other International Definitions

African Union

Damage: any impairment to the integrity or availability of data, a program, a system, or information. [1]

United Nations

Damage classification is the evaluation and recording of damage to structures, facilities, or objects according to three (or more) categories. [2]

Example provided:

  • "severe damage" - which precludes further use of the structure, facility, or object for its intended purpose.
  • "moderate damage" or the degree of damage to principal members, which precludes effective use of the structure, facility, or object for its intended purpose, unless major repairs are made short of complete reconstruction.
  • "light damage" such as broken windows, slight damage to roofing and siding, interior partitions blown down, and cracked walls; the damage is not severe enough to preclude use of the installation for the purpose for which was intended.

National Definitions

Cape Verde

Danos: Destruição total ou parcial de infra-estruturas e activos físicos em resultado de um desastre, avaliados em custos de reposição actuais. [3]

O valor é calculado como o valor de substituição em termos monetários actuais (valor de mercado no momento do desastre).

El Salvador

Daño: Efecto adverso o grado de destrucción causado por un fenómeno sobre las personas, los bienes, sistemas de prestación de servicios y sistemas naturales o sociales. [4]


Schaden: Negativ bewertete Auswirkung eines Ereignisses auf ein Schutzgut. [5] [6]


Damage is means to destroy, alter, delete, add, modify or rearrange any computer resource by any means. [7]


Damage is defined as the negative financial and other consequences of an incident.

Schade is gedefinieerd als de negatieve gevolgen van een incident, financieel of anderszins. [8]

[HEALTH sector] Schade: Een nadeel voor de patiënt dat dusdanig ernstig is dat verlenging of verzwaring van de behandeling noodzakelijk is, tijdelijk of blijvend fysiek, psychisch of sociaal functieverlies optreedt, of overlijden tot gevolg heeft. [9]


Avarie: Defectarea unui element al infrastructurii economice – instalaţii, comunicaţii etc. – într-un procent mai mic de 100% [10]

United Kingdom

An event or situation threatens damage to human welfare only if it involves, causes or may cause: I. loss of human life; II. human illness or injury; III. homelessness; IV. damage to property; V. disruption of a supply of money, food, water, energy or fuel; VI. disruption of a system of communication; VII. disruption of facilities for transport; or VIII. disruption of services relating to health.

An event or situation threatens damage to the environment only if it involves, causes or may cause: I. contamination of land, water or air with biological, chemical or radio-active matter; or II. disruption or destruction of plant life or animal life.[11]

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