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Save the Date: Team-X Healthcare of the Future on November 7

Digital health and medicine are two areas that have undergone a remarkable evolution in recent years. Innovative technologies and data-driven approaches have revolutionized the way we use and deliver healthcare services. An event that offers a glimpse into the healthcare of the future will be held on November 7, 2023. We, Team-X, part of the Gaia-X Health projects, will be there.

What contribution is Team-X providing at the event?

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We will be presenting our project with the two use cases, women’s health and home care. In addition to illustrating the implemented parts of each project, there will also be a demonstration on data collection and use by third parties. Furthermore, we will exhibit a solution approach for successfully connecting to the telematics infrastructure. Fraunhofer IIS has established data models for this purpose and harmonized them using international standards such as LOINC or SnoMed CT.

The event promises a deep dive into the future of healthcare. It will be a

unique opportunity to explore and understand the latest developments in data collection in a medical context.

We invite you to digitally participate in this event and help shape the future of healthcare. Are you interesting in joining? Click on the link below:!online-event

Team-X, Gaia-X – what’s the story behind it? Find it out in our article where we delve into our work:

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