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Clinical Study Efficiency: Presenting our eCRF System

DPM.research is a study management system and eCRF for digitally recording and conducting clinical studies. DPM.research can be customized based on the requirements of the study setting. Our eCRF system for clinical studies is a web-based application that provides study participants and study staff with fast and reliable access in a common browser window.

Infographic about the linking all participants for clinical studies with our eCRF system
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Figure 1: Collaboration of different study centers in a multicenter study with the eCRF System dpm.research

How is data security guaranteed despite cross-linking all study centers in the clinical study?

DPM.research guarantees the highest level of data security despite networking. All data is encrypted during transmission according to the state of the art. Thanks to a role-based access right a graduated authorisations can be granted.

Is it possible to conduct decentralized or hybride clinical studies with our eCRF system?

Data collection at home using sensors and the digital educational interview eliminate the need for participants to travel to the test centers. Sensor data collected from wearables are transferred to a study server via patient app. In addition, the questionnaires answered by the patient in the app are also transferred to the study server and stored there. The monitoring of participants and storage of study content such as clinical scales, sensor parameters and PROMs takes place in real time and can be carried out either on an internal or external server. This means that DPM.research can be operated as software in each clinic’s own IT infrastructure (on premise or as Software as a Service (SaaS)).

Infographik about the workflow for clinical studies for our eCRF system
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Figure 2: Process of a decentralised study with the eCRF System dpm.research

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