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National Definitions


Análise de situação: Análise feita por um comandante de socorro, frente a situações de emergência, de forma que o habilite a determinar as ações a serem postas em prática, a fim de cumprir sua missão. [1]

United States

Situation Analysis: comprehending information about the current and developing security posture and risks, based on information gathered, observation and analysis, and knowledge or experience. [2]

In cybersecurity, comprehending the current status and security posture with respect to availability, confidentiality, and integrity of networks, systems, users, and data, as well as projecting future states of these. [2]

Financial Stability Board
Situational Awareness: the ability to identify, process and comprehend the critical elements of information through a cyber threat intelligence process that provides a level of understanding that is relevant to act upon to mitigate the impact of a potentially harmful event. [3]

An appraisal or determination of the effect of the disaster on human, physical, economic, and natural resources. [4]

Situational awareness: A sufficiently accurate and up-to-date understanding of the past, current, and projected future state of a system (including its cybersecurity safeguards), in the context of the threat environment and risks to the system’s mission, to support effective decision making with respect to activities that depend on and/or affect how well a system functions. [5]

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