Wolfgang Broll is the head of the Collaborative, Virtual and Augmented Environments Department of Fraunhofer FIT in Germany. He is also a lecturer at RWTH Aachen. He has been doing research in the area of shared virtual environments, multi-user VR and 3D interfaces since 1993 and is currently involved in a number of EU projects related to mixed and augmented realities.

Giulio Jacucci, Ph.D. leads Ubiquitous Interaction, a research group at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology. Jacucci leads national and European funded research focusing on user experience of ubiquitous and mixed reality applications. His current research includes investigating advanced interaction techniques in particular in public spaces: ubiquitous and mixed reality applications for large-scale events, multimodal emotional interfaces for performative interaction in art and entertainment.

Kari Kuutti is a professor in Human-Computer Interaction and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work in Department of Information Processing Science at University of Oulu, Finland. He has been working in the area of design issues related to space more than ten years, first in virtual reality and design of smart products, and currently in design of intelligent environments in cooperation with architects and urban planners.

Rod McCall Ph.D. is a research scientist within the Collaborative Virtual and Augmented Environments Department at Fraunhofer FIT. Prior to this post he held an ERCIM Fellowship at Fraunhofer FIT and CRP-Gabriel Lippmann, Luxembourg. Until 2005 he was a Senior Research Fellow at Napier University, Edinburgh. For the last ten years he has been engaged in research related to sense of place and presence in mixed and virtual realities.

Ina Wagner is Professor for Multidisciplinary Systems Design and Computer-Supported Co-operative Work (CSCW) and Head of the Institute for Technology Assessment and Design at TU Wien. She has been engaged in design-oriented work for the last ten years in the context of national and European projects. Among her research interests are novel interfaces, creative design methods, and the role of materiality as a resource for persuasive, narrative and experiential interactions.

Programme Committee

The programme committee consists of the organisers plus the two additional members.

Luciano Gamberini, Ph.D. is Associate Professor at the Department of General Psychology at the University of Padova and head of the Human-Technology Laboratories He is Editor in-Chief of PsychNology Journal and member of several other journals and conferences scientific boards including the International Workshop on Presence. He coordinates local units in several EU founded projects related to Presence, e-Health, Affective VR, Human-Computer Interaction. Recent research topics include: augmented interaction and social presence over networks, persuasive and serious games, elderly cognition & technology, training & collaborative environments, simulation and safe driving, NIRS-Virtual Reality based BCI. Luciano Gamberini is co-chair of the ACM Students Research Competition at CHI2008, Florence

Elisa Giaccardi Ph.D. is a research scientist within the Center for LifeLong Learning & Design, University of Colorado, Boulder. She has been combining academic and professional activities in digital media, interaction design, and community development since 1996. Her recent work is focused on meta-design strategies for public authoring, collective storytelling, and place making, with a specific interest in issues of new heritage. Research topics include: cross-media interaction, social software and participative systems, locative media and collaborative mapping, and context and emotion aware interfaces.