HCI 2008 Workshop: Evaluating Player Experiences in Location Aware Games

We would like to invite all those with an interest in location aware games, ranging from those using mobile phones through to mixed reality system to submit a position paper to this workshop. The workshop will be held as part of the British HCI 2008 Conference in the stunning city of Liverpool.

User experiences of location aware games span many elements, ranging from culture and creativity to interaction and even sport. We invite all those with an interest in such technologies to submit a paper, suggested topics include:

  • User interface design issues on multiple device types: from ideas to guidelines and principals
  • Devices and modalities, including tangible computing
  • Appropriateness of existing HCI work to games interfaces e.g. task analysis, heuristics, interviews and other methods
  • Social dimensions of location gaming technologies, from non-player participation to between player communication
  • Theoretical issues related space, place and presence
  • Contextual issues when designing and evaluating location aware games
  • Using participatory design and probes in design and evaluation
  • Game design patterns
  • For more information including the call for papers and the online submission system click here


    Paper Submission: July 14th 2008.

    *** Organising and Programme Committees ***

    Rod McCall, Fraunhofer FIT, Germany (co-chair)
    Barbara Grüter, Hochschule Bremen, Unversity of Applied Sciences, Germany (co-chair)
    Anne-Kathrin Braun, Fraunhofer FIT, Germany (co-chair)
    Lynne Baillie, Glasgow Caledonian University (UK) and FTW, Austria
    Andrew Wilson, Blink, UK
    Richard Wetzel, Fruanhofer FIT, Germany
    Zachary O Toups, Texas A&M University, USA
    Joerg Niesenhaus, University of Duisberg-Essen, Germany

    ** Further Information ****
    For more information contact Rod McCall (rod.mccall@fit.fraunhofer.de) or visit www.ipcity.eu

    The workshop is being held in assocation with the EC funded IPCity and PEACH projects.