Application scenarios

IPCity focuses on novel application areas around urban life and social gathering: environmental awareness, urban renewal, urban exploration (time warp, city tales).

The scenarios developed for these showcases address in distinctive ways the various dimensions of presence indicating novel aspects to be considered:

Mixed reality allows participants to change and actively shape the configurations of real and virtual layers into an experience – mixing places, (historical) times, staging events, changing social formations and identities.

IPCity moves beyond the state of the art of Presence Research also in respect to methodology. Most of the research in Presence has been carried out in laboratory settings. Field trials in real setting are new to presence research as also mobile and public applications. This requires devising a new triangulation of research methods combining common methods like presence questionnaires with methods for the field (relatively unexplored for presence research) ethnography, quasi experiments, and interaction analysis. Qualitative and quantitative methods will be integrated to account for cognitive and socio-cultural aspects.