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European Definitions

National Definitions


IT dependency is defined as the situation where "a process depends on IT if the successful implementation of the process depends on the proper functioning of IT". [1].


Een koppeling tussen twee infrastructuren, waarbij het functioneren van de ene infrastructuur van invloed is op het functioneren van de andere infrastructuur. (a relationship of two infrastructures through which the functioning of one infrastructure is influenced by or is correlated to the functioning of the other infrastructure). [2]

United States

The one-directional reliance of an asset, system,network, or collection thereof—within or across sectors—on an input, interaction, or other requirement from other sources in order to function properly. [3]

Academic Definition

Academic definition CIPRNet

A dependency is the relationship between two {critical infrastructure} products or services in which one product or service is required for the generation of the other product or service. [4]

Academic definition United States

Dependency is a uni-directional relationship of two infrastructures through which the state of the depending infrastructure is influenced by or is correlated to the state of the other. [5]

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