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European Definitions

Plant and apparatus connected together in order to transmit or distribute electrical power. [1]

National Definitions


网络,是指由计算机或者其他信息终端及相关设备组成的按照一定的规则和程序对信息进行收集、存储、传输、交换、处理的系统。 [2]

Network refers to a system that collects, stores, transmits, exchanges and processes information according to certain rules and procedures, consisting of computers or other information terminals and related equipment.

Czech Republic

Síť: Množina počítačových terminálů (pracovních stanic) a serverů, které jsou vzájemně propojeny, aby si navzájem vyměňovaly data a mohly spolu komunikovat. [3]

Network is a set of computer terminals (workstations) and servers which are mutually interconnected in order to exchange data and communicate. [3]


Network: An interconnection of three or more communicating entities. [4]

Network: An interconnection of usually passive electronic components that performs a specific function (which is usually limited in scope), e.g., to simulate a transmission line or to perform a mathematical function such as integration or differentiation. [4]


Network means the interconnection of two or more computer systems by which data processing service can be provided or received. [5]


Network: Rete di stazioni emittenti radiotelevisive che operano in collaborazione tra loro; in Italia indica per lo più le reti radiotelevisive private. [6]

Papua New Guinea

Network means the interconnection, whether earth bound (wired, cable), wireless, or both of two or more electronic systems or other data processing devices, or a group of such interconnected or related devices. [7]

South Africa

Networks: refers to the ensemble of equipment, sites, switches, lines, circuits, software, and other transmission apparatus used to provide electronic communications services. [8]

United Kingdom

Network (computer) is a collection of host computers, together with the sub-network or inter-network, through which they can exchange data. [9]

United States

A group of components that share information or interact with each other to perform a function. [10]

Network: Any connection of two or more computers that enables them to communicate. [11]

Networks may include transmission devices, servers, cables, routers and satellites. The phone network is the total infrastructure for transmitting phone messages.

Network: Information system(s) implemented with a collection of interconnected components. [12]

Such components may include routers, hubs, cabling, telecommunications controllers, key distribution centers, and technical control devices.

Network is an open communications medium, typically the Internet, that is used to transport messages between the claimant and other parties. [13]

Unless otherwise stated, no assumptions are made about the security of the network; it is assumed to be open and subject to active (e.g., impersonation, man-in-the-middle, session hijacking) and passive (e.g., eavesdropping) attack at any point between the parties (e.g., claimant, verifier, CSP, RP)

Standard Definition


An information system comprised of a collection of interconnected nodes. [14]

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