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European Definitions


Anything that has value to the organization, its business operations and their continuity, including Information resources that support the organization's mission. [1]

EU project

An asset is a CIP and CIP-related methodology, method, platform, test bed, infrastructure, research tool, technology, model, data source, report, and any other form of CIP- and modelling, simulation and analysis (MS&A) expertise. [2]

National Definitions


CI Asset: a system; and a network; and a facility; and a computer; and a computer device; and a computer program; and computer data; and premises; and any other thing. [3]

Asset: an item that has a value to an agency—including personnel, information and physical assets. [4]


A person, structure, facility, information, material or process that has value.

Personne, structure, installation, information, matériel ou processus ayant de la valeur. [5]

Czech Republic

Cokoliv, co má hodnotu pro jednotlivce, organizaci nebo veřejnou správu. [6]

Anything that has value to an individual, company or public administration. [7]


Bien: Toute ressource qui a de la valeur pour l’organisme et qui est nécessaire à la réalisation de ses objectifs. On distingue notamment les biens essentiels ( Information ou processus jugé comme important pour l’organisme. On appréciera ses besoins de sécurité mais pas ses vulnérabilités) et les biens supports (Bien sur lequel reposent des biens essentiels. On distingue notamment les systèmes informatiques, les organisations et les locaux. On appréciera ses vulnérabilités mais pas ses besoins de sécurité). [8]

Any resource that has value to the organisation and is necessary to achieve its objectives. In particular, we distinguish between primary assets (Data or process deemed important for the organisation. We can assess its sensitivity but not its vulnerabilities) and supporting assets (provides support for primary assets. We can assess its vulnerabilities but not its sensitivity). [9]

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Asset is a major application, general support system, high impact program, physical plant,mission critical system, personnel, equipment, or a logically related group of systems. [10]

United Arab Emirates

Asset: Any tangible or intangible value (people, property, information) to the organisation. [11]

United States

An assets is a person, structure, facility, information, material, or process that has value. [12]

A major application, general support system, high impact program, physical plant, mission critical system, personnel, equipment, or a logically related group of systems. [13]

Something of value to an organization; typically, people, information, technology, and facilities that the critical services relies on. [14]

One of the foundational principles of the CRR design is the idea that an organization deploys its assets (i.e., people, information, technology, and facilities) to support specific operational missions. Failure in any of these assets may result in a cascading impact on related business processes, services, and the organization’s mission.

Financial Stability Board
Something of either tangible or intangible value that is worth protecting, including people, information, infrastructure, finances and reputation. [15]

Standard Definition


Asset: physical or logical object having either a perceived or actual value to the IACS. [16]

ISO/IEC 27000:2012

Anything that has value to the organization. [17]

This definition has been removed in the revised version of the standard in 2014. [18]

ISO 55000:2014

Asset: Item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organization. [19]


A system resource that is (a) required to be protected by an information system's security policy, (b) intended to be protected by a countermeasure, or (c) required for a system's mission. [20]


Asset Informatie of digitale systemen die van waarde zijn voor een organisatie. [21]

Voorbeelden zijn: intellectueel eigendom, een klantendatabase, personeelsinformatie, etc.

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