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The definitions below refer to Adaptation to Climate Change.


European Definitions

RESIN project

The RESIN project [1] gives the following definition:

SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE (Institutional): The social infrastructure includes the humans, organizations and governments that make decisions and form our economy as well as our institutions and policies. [2]

The RESIN project [1] gives the following definition:

SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE (Physical): Schools, hospitals, shopping or cultural facilities [3]

Other International Definitions

National Definitions


New South Wales
Social infrastructure incorporates the facilities and services that are used for the physical, social, cultural or intellectual development or welfare of the community. It includes physical infrastructure such as libraries, community centres and cultural facilities that facilitate the delivery of social services and activities, as well as open spaces, parks, recreation areas and sport fields that support sport, recreational and leisure uses. Regional social infrastructure also includes education, emergency services and justice facilities that are needed to service new communities. [4]

Social infrastructure includes physical facilities and spaces where the community can access social services. These include health-related services, education and training, social housing programs, police, courts and other justice and public safety provisions, as well as arts, culture and recreational facilities. [5]


Redes Sociales(social networks): Redes de lazos interpersonales que proporcionan sociabilidad, apoyo e información, acentuando el sentido de pertenencia e identidad social. [6]


Infrastructure: The physical and technical facilities, and fundamental systems necessary for the economy to function and to enable, sustain or enhance societal living conditions. [7]

Typically infrastructure refers to economic infrastructure, such as utility networks, transport and digital communications, but the Scottish Government also includes social infrastructure such as schools, universities, hospitals, prisons, community housing and parks, in line with the strategy to boost inclusive economic growth.

South Africa

Social infrastructure is that which is developed at a household or community scale, is intended for the delivery of basic services and which has a direct and/or indirect impact on the quality of life. [8]

United Kingdom

Social infrastructure covers a range of services and facilities that meet local and strategic needs and contribute towards a good quality of life. It includes health provision, education, community, play, youth, recreation, sports, faith, and emergency facilities. Green infrastructure in all its forms is also a key component of social infrastructure. [9]

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