Risk Acceptance

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European Definitions

Council of Europe

Risk acceptance is the willingness to live with a risk, in order to secure certain benefits. [1]


Risk Acceptance concerns the communication of residual risks to the decision makers. [2]

Risk Acceptance is the potential that a given threat will exploit vulnerabilities of an asset or group of assets and thereby cause harm to the organization (ISO/IEC PDTR 13335-1). [3]

National Definitions


Risk acceptance is an informed decision to accept the likelihood and the consequences of a particular risk. [4]


Aceptación del riesgo: decisión de aceptar un riesgo. [5]

Czech Republic

Přijetí rizika: Rozhodnutí přijmout riziko. [6]

Risk acceptance: Decision to accept risk. [7]


Acceptation du risqué: prédisposition à tolérer un risqué. [8]


Risikoappetit bezeichnet die durch kulturelle, interne, externe oder wirtschaftliche Einflüsse entstandene Neigung einer Institution, wie sie Risiken bewertet und mit ihnen umgeht. [9]


[Definição] Aceitação do Risco: Decisão de aceitar a persistência de um risco residual após o tratamento do risco. [10]


Acceptarea riscului: decizia de a trăi cu un risc, pentru a păstra anumite avantaje. [11]


Aceptación del riesgo: decisión de aceptar un riesgo. [5]

United States

Risk acceptance is an explicit or implicit decision not to take an action that would affect all or part of a particular risk. [12]

Standard Definition

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