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European Definitions

Disturbance is an unplanned event that may cause the transmission system to divert from the normal state. [1]

National Definitions


Disturbance(power grid) means an unplanned event which produces an abnormal system condition or the effects experienced by a power system following a contingency, such as high or low frequency, abnormal voltage, or oscillations in the system. [2]


Häiriötilanne: Uhka tai tapahtuma, joka vaarantaa yhteiskunnan turvallisuutta, toimintakykyä tai väestön elinmahdollisuuksia ja jonka hallinta edellyttää viranomaisten ja muiden toimijoiden tavanomaista laajempaa tai tiiviimpää yhteistoimintaa ja viestintää. [3]

Disturbance is a threat or an occurrence which endangers security in society, capacity to act or the population’s living conditions. Co-operation and communication of the authorities and other actors on a wider or more intensive scale are needed to manage the situation [4]


[Dutch] Verstoring: het opzettelijk, tijdelijk, aantasten van de beschikbaarheid van informatie, informatiesystemen of diensten. [5]

United States

Disturbance: An undesired change in a variable being applied to a system that tends to adversely affect the value of a controlled variable. (from: NIST SP 800-82 Rev. 2) [6]

Disturbance: 1. An unplanned event that produces an abnormal system condition.
2. Any perturbation to the electric system.
3. The unexpected change in ACE that is caused by the sudden failure of generation or interruption of load. [7]

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