Dr. Bernhard Lange

Bernhard Lange is a division manager for the topic of “Wind farm development” at the Fraunhofer IWES. He studied physics at the Universities of Konstanz, Edinburgh, and Oldenburg before earning his doctorate in Offshore Wind Energy Meteorology at the Risø National Laboratory (now DTU) and the University of Oldenburg. He has been working at the Fraunhofer IWES (formerly the Institute for Solar Energy Technology (ISET)) since 2005. In addition, he has been heading up the coordination of the RAVE (Research at alpha ventus) research initiative since 2007. His primary research focuses in the last 20 years have been wind energy meteorology, offshore wind energy, wind power forecasting, and grid integration.

RAVE: Ten years of measurement data for offshore wind energy research

An ambitious measuring campaign has been under way at the alpha ventus offshore wind farm ever since it was installed back in 2010. The measurement data from the wind turbines, the substation, and the marine environment are available to scientists…