Guidelines for comments

Welcome to our blog and please feel free to participate in the discussions via the comment function. Fair and objective dialog along with constructive criticism are very important to us in this respect. Commenting on articles allows you to debate topics with us in a friendly atmosphere.

For this to be successful, please bear in mind the following:

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  • Explicitly refrain from violating legal regulations:        
    • We prohibit the misuse of our comment function for the dissemination of pornography and obscene content as well as incitement to exact violence against individuals or organizations.
    • We want to ensure and maintain dignified interaction with each other, so please refrain from insults of any kind.
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    • We do not tolerate incitement of the people, racism, discrimination, or any similar misconduct.
    • Our comment function is not to be used for calls for political demonstrations or rallies.
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    • Always include the source or copyright owner when posting quotes or text excerpts.
  • Avoid publishing personal data:
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    • Ensure that internal company information is handled confidentially.
  • Observe and comply with our data protection policy:
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    • We reserve the right to remove or reject comments at any time without the need to justify our decision.

We look forward to your participation in our discussions and hope you enjoy communicating and sharing your experiences. Should you have any questions, please contact

The content of these guidelines may be amended or supplemented at any time.