Risk Reduction

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This term is closely related to the term "Risk Treatment".


European Definitions


Risk Reduction are actions taken to lessen the probability, negative consequences or both, associated with a risk (refers to ISO/IEC Guide 73). [1]

Other International Definitions


UNISDR defines (disaster) risk reduction as the concept and practice of reducing disaster risks through systematic efforts to analyse and manage the causal factors of disasters, including through reduced exposure to hazards, lessened vulnerability of people and property, wise management of land and the environment, and improved preparedness for adverse events. [2]

The term “disaster reduction” is also sometimes used.

National Definitions


Risk reduction is a selective application of appropriate techniques and management principles to reduce either likelihood of an occurrence or its consequences, or both. [3]

Czech Republic

Redukce rizik: Činnosti ke snížení pravděpodobnosti, negativních následků nebo obou těchto parametrů spojených s rizikem.[4]

Risk reduction is an activity to lower the probability and lessen negative consequences, or both of these parameters linked to risk. [5]

New Zealand

Risk reduction is one of the ‘4 Rs’ of Emergency Management: Risk reduction means identifying and analysing long-term risks to life and property, taking steps to eliminate these risks if practicable, and, if not, reducing the magnitude of their impact and the likelihood of their occurring. [6]


Risikominderung: Massnahmen zur Risikominderung reduzieren entweder die Verwundbarkeit der Risikoelemente gegenüber der Einwirkung von Gefahren oder richten sich unmittelbar an die betriebliche Kontinuität der kritischen Prozesse durch die Schaffung von Redundanz beziehungsweise Ersatz. Redundante Systeme oder Ersatzsysteme ermöglichen die betriebliche Kontinuität kritischer Prozesse im Rahmen des Wiederanlaufmanagements, auch wenn es zur Beeinträchtigung von Risikoelementen kommt. [7]

Réduction des risques: Les mesures de réduction des risques sont de deux ordres: soit elles diminuent la vulnérabilité des éléments de risque face aux incidences de certains aléas, soit elles visent à garantir la continuité opérationnelle des processus critiques en instaurant des systèmes redondants et/ou des systèmes de remplacement: même s’ils peuvent perturber certains elements critiques, ces systèmes ont l’avantage d’assurer une continuité opérationnelle dans le cadre de la gestion de la reprise sur incident. [8]

United States

Decrease in risk through risk avoidance, risk control or risk transfer. [9]

Standard Definition

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