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For the term which is synonymous to "countermeasure", "safeguard" or "control", please refer to entry Control.


European Definitions


Adaptation measures are technologies, processes, and activities directed at enhancing our capacity to adapt (building adaptive capacity) and at minimising, adjusting to and taking advantage of the consequences of climatic change (delivering adaptation). [1]

National Definitions


Mesure: Moyen de gérer un risque, et pouvant être de nature administrative, technique, gestionnaire ou juridique. [2]


“Measures”: there is a difference between preventive and corrective measures. Preventative Measures: Are the measures taken to prevent a security breach. Corrective Measures: Is the action taken, after a security breach, has occurred. [3]


Măsură (utilizat preponderent la plural): Procedeu/mijloc întrebuinţat, hotărâre luată, dispoziţie dată - pentru realizarea unui scop precis. [4]

United States

Measures: the results of data collection, analysis, and reporting [5]

Standard Definition

ISO standards

Variable to which a value is assigned as the result of measurement. [6] The term “measures” is used to refer collectively to base measures, derived measures, and indicators. [7]

Measurement refers to a process to determine a value. [7]

In the context of Information Security the process of determining a value requires information about the effectiveness of an information security management system and its associated controls using a measurement method, a measurement function, an analytical model, and decision criteria.

  • Measurement function is an algorithm or calculation performed to combine two or more base measures. [6]
  • Measurement method is a logical sequence of operations, described generically, used in quantifying an attribute with respect to a specified scale. [6] The type of measurement method depends on the nature of the operations used to quantify an attribute. Two types can be distinguished:
  • subjective: quantification involving human judgment;
  • objective: quantification based on numerical rules.
  • Measurement results are one or more indicators and their associated interpretations that address an information need.
  • Decision criteria refer to thresholds, targets, or patterns used to determine the need for action or further investigation, or to describe the level of confidence in a given result. [6]
  • Analytical model is algorithm or calculation combining one or more base measures and/or derived measures with associated decision criteria.

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