Risk Identification

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European Definitions


Risk Identification is the process to find, list and characterize elements of risk (refers to ISO/IEC Guide 73). [1]

Other International Definitions

National Definitions


Risk identification is the process of determining what can happen, why and how. [2]

Process of finding, recognizing and describing risks. [3]


The process of finding,recognizing and recording risk. [4]

Processus de recherche, de reconnaissance et d’enregistrement de risques. [5]

Czech Republic

Process of looking for, recognizing, and describing risks (Proces hledání, rozpoznávání a popisování rizik). [6]


Risk Identification is a part of Risk Analysis through which risks are identified and the probability of a damaging event is preliminary estimated.

Riskin kartoitus / riskikartoitus: Riskianalyysin osa, jonka avulla tunnistetaan riskit ja alustavasti arvioidaan vahinkotapahtuman todennäköisyys. [7]

Standard Definition

ISO/IEC 27000:2014 and ISO 31000:2009

The standard defines risk assessment as

the "process of finding, recognizing and describing risks" [8] [9]. (based on the ISO Guide 73:2009[10])

  • Risk identification involves the identification of risk sources, events, their causes and their potential consequences.
  • Risk identification can involve historical data, theoretical analysis, informed and expert opinions, and stakeholders’ needs.

See also


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