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European Definitions

National Definitions


A disturbance that compromises the availability, delivery and/or integrity of services of an organization.
Effet de désorganisation qui compromet la disponibilité, la prestation ou l’intégrité des services d’une organisation. [1]


Häiriötilanne: uhka tai tapahtuma, joka vaarantaa yhteiskunnan elintärkeitä toimintoja ja jonka hallinta edellyttää viranomaisten ja muiden toimijoiden tavanomaista laajempaa tai tiiviimpää yhteistoimintaa ja viestintää.

Disruption is a threat or an event which endangers vital operations of society and whose management requires wider or closer cooperation and communication than usual between the authorities and other actors. -unofficial translation- [2]


Interruption of normal business operations or processes which can range from short term to longer term unavailability. [3]

United States

An unplanned event that causes an information system to be inoperable for a length of time .[4]

E.g., minor or extended power outage, extended unavailable network, or equipment or facility damage or destruction.

Standard Definition

ISO/PAS 22399:2007

Incident, whether anticipated (e.g. hurricane) or unanticipated (e.g. a blackout or earthquake) which disrupts the normal course of operations at an organization location. [5]

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