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International Definitions


CCD-CoE (Tallinn manual)
Cyberspace: the environment formed by physical and non-physical components, characterized by the use of computers and the electromagnetic spectrum, to store, modify, and exchange data using computer networks. [1]

National Definitions


Cyber space is the virtual space of all IT systems interconnected at data level on a global scale. [2]

Cyberspace Cyber Raum / Cyber Space / Virtueller Raum: ist der virtuelle Raum aller auf Datenebene vernetzten IT-Systeme im globalen Maßstab. [3]


Cyberspace is de globale omgeving die ontstaat door de interconnectie van informative- en communicatiesystemen. [4]

Le Cyberespace est l'environment global né de l'interconnexion des systèmes d'information et de communication. [5]

Cyberspace is ruimer dan de informaticawereld en omvat eveneens de fysieke en virtuele computernetwerken, computersystemen, digitale media en digitale gegevens.


Кибер пространство: интерактивна среда от електронни мрежи и информационна инфраструктура използвана за създаване, унищожаване, съхранение, обработка, обмяна на информация, управление на обекти, системи и услуги. [6]

Кибер пространство: сферата, в която информационната среда съставена от независими мрежи на информационни системни инфраструктури включително интернет, телекомуникационни мрежи, компютърни системи, вградени процесори и контролери се използват за обработване, съхраняване и пренасяне на информация и дейности на потребители. [7]


Cyberespace: Espace de communication constitué par l’interconnexion mondiale d’équipements de traitement automatisé de données numériques. [8]


Cyberspace is the electronic world created by interconnected networks of information technology and the information on those networks. [9]

Le cyberespace est le monde électronique créé par des réseaux interconnectés formés de systèmes de technologie de l’information et de l’information qui se trouve sur ses réseaux. [10]


Ciberespacio: Es el ambiente tanto físico como virtual compuesto por computadores, sistemas computacionales, programas computacionales (software), redes de telecomunicaciones, datos e información que es utilizado para la interacción entre usuarios. [11]

Cyber security is the ability of the state to minimize the level of risk their citizens from threats or incidents of cyber nature are exposed to.


Kibernetički proctor: prostor unutar kojeg se odvija komunikacija između informacijskih sustava. [12]


Cyberspace: the communication space created by the worldwide interconnection of automated digital data processing equipment. [13]

Cyberespace: Espace de communication constitué par l’interconnexion mondiale d’équipements de traitement automatisé de données numériques. [14]


Cyberrymd: toimintaympäristö, joka muodostuu yhdestä tai useammasta sähköisessä muodossa olevan datan tai informaation käsittelyyn tarkoitetusta tietojärjestelmästä. [15]


Cyberspace is the virtual space of all IT systems linked at data level on a global scale. [16]

Der Cyber-Raum ist der virtuelle Raum aller auf Datenebene vernetzten IT-Systeme im globalen Maßstab. [17]


Cyberspace means the combined phenomenon of globally interconnected, decentralised and ever-growing electronic information systems as well as the societal and economic processes appearing in and through these systems in the form of data and information. [18]

The Hungarian cyberspace includes the parts of the electronic information systems of the global cyberspace which are located in Hungary, as well as the societal and economic processes appearing in and through the electronic systems of the global cyberspace in the form of data and information that take place in, are directed to, or affect Hungary.


Cyberspace os a complex environment consisting of interactions between people, software and services, supported by worldwide distribution of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), devices and networks. [19]

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Cyber space: The environment, which consists of information systems that span across the world including the networks that interconnect these systems. [20]


Lo spazio cibernetico è l'insieme delle infrastrutture informatiche interconnesse, comprensivo di hardware, software, dati ed utenti, nonce delle relazioni logiche , comunque stabilite, tra di essi. [21]


Cyberspace comprises the physical and non-physical domain that is created or composed of part or all of the following components: mechanized and computerized systems, computer and communications networks, programs, computerized information, content conveyed by computer, traffic and supervisory data and those who use such data. [22]


The notional environment in which communication over computer networks occurs. [23]

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A global domain within the information environment consisting of the interdependent networks of information systems infrastructures including the internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, embedded processors and controllers. [24]


Cyberspace Cyber space is an interactive environment that includes users, networks, computing technology, software, processes, information in transit or storage, applications, services, and systems that can be connected directly orindirectly to the Internet, telecommunications and computer networks. [25]

Cyber space has no physical boarders.


The digital domain is the conglomerate of ICT tools and services and comprises all entities that can be or are digitally linked. [26]

The domain comprises both permanent, temporary or local connections, as well as information, such as data and programme codes, located in this domain where geographical limitations do not apply.

Het cyberdomein is het conglomeraat van ICT-middelen en -diensten en bevat alle entiteiten die digitaal verbonden (kunnen) zijn. [27]

Het domein omvat zowel permanente als tijdelijke of plaatselijke verbindingen, evenals de gegevens (o.a. data, programmacode, informatie) die zich in dit domein bevinden, waarbij geen geografische beperkingen zijn gesteld.

New Zealand

The global network of interdependent information technology infrastructures, telecommunication networks and computer processing systems in which online communication takes place. [28]


Cyberspace is an interdependent network of critical and non-critical national information infrastructures, convergence of interconnected information and communication resources through the use of information and communication technologies. It encompasses all forms of digital engagements, interactions, socializations and transactional activities; contents, contacts and resources deployed through interconnected networks. [29]


Cyberspace is a space of processing and exchanging information created by the ICT systems, as defined in Article 3 point 3 of the Act of 17 February 2005 on the informatization of entities performing public tasks (OJ No. 64, item 565, as amended), together with links between them and the relations with users; in accordance with Article 2 paragraph 1b of the Act of 29 August 2002 on martial law and the powers of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces as well as the Commander’s subordination to the constitutional authorities of the Republic of Poland (OJ No. 156, item 1301, as amended), Article 2 paragraph 1a of the Act of 21 June 2002 on the state of emergency (OJ No. 113, item 985, as amended) and Article 3 paragraph 1 point 4 of the Act of 18 April 2002 on the state of natural disaster (OJ No. 62, item 558, as amended). [30]

Cyberprzestrzeń - przestrzeń przetwarzania i wymiany informacji tworzona przez systemy teleinformatyczne, określone w art. 3 pkt 3 ustawy z dnia 17 lutego 2005 r. o informatyzacji działalności podmiotów realizujących zadania publiczne (Dz. U. Nr 64, poz. 565, z późn. zm.) wraz z powiązaniami pomiędzy nimi oraz relacjami z użytkownikami; zgodnie z art. 2 ust. 1b ustawy z dnia 29 sierpnia 2002 r. o stanie wojennym oraz o kompetencjach Naczelnego Dowódcy Sił Zbrojnych i zasadach jego podległości konstytucyjnym organom Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (Dz. U. Nr 156, poz. 1301, z późn. zm.), art. 2 ust. 1a ustawy z dnia 21 czerwca 2002 r. o stanie wyjątkowym (Dz. U. Nr 113, poz. 985, z późn. zm.) oraz art. 3 ust. 1 pkt 4 ustawy z dnia 18 kwietnia 2002 r. o stanie klęski żywiołowej (Dz. U. Nr 62, poz. 558, z późn. zm. ) [31]


Cyberspace is a virtual or electronic environment that results from the interdependent network of information and communications technology (e.g., the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and embedded processors and controllers) that links people with services and information. [32] [33]

Republic of Trinidad & Tobago

Ciberespacio: conjunto de capacidades, tales como sensores, señales, conexiones, transmisiones, procesadores y controladores que generan una experiencia virtual interactiva a la que se accede con fines de comunicación y control, sea cual fuere la ubicación geográfica. El ciberespacio permite a la red interdependiente de infraestructuras de tecnologías de la información, redes de telecomunicaciones tales como la Internet, sistemas de informática, sensores integrados, redes de control de sistemas y procesadores y controladores integrados comunes realizar actividades de control y de comunicaciones globales. [34]


Spaţiul cybernetic: mediul virtual, generat de infrastructurile cibernetice, incluzând conţinutul informaţional procesat, stocat sau transmis, precum şi acţiunile derulate de utilizatori în acesta. [35]

Russian Federation

информационное пространство: сфера деятельности, связанная с формированием, созданием, преобразованием, передачей, использованием, хранением информации, оказывающая воздействие, в том числе на индивидуальное и общественное сознание, информационную инфраструктуру и собственно информацию [36]

Information space (raw translation): the activities associated with the formation, creation, transformation, transmission, use, and storage of information, have an impact, including individual and social consciousness, of information infrastructure and information itself.


Izraz kibernetski prostor predstavlja globalno omrežje informacijske tehnologije, telekomunikacijskih omrežij in sistemov za računalniško obdelavo. [37]

South Africa

Cyberspace means a physical and non-physical terrain created by and/or composed of some or all of the following: computers, computer systems, networks, and their computer programs, computer data, content data, traffic data, and users. [38]


El ciberespacio, nombre por el que se designa al dominio global y dinámico compuesto por las infraestructuras de tecnología de la información – incluida Internet–, las redes y los sistemas de información y de telecomunicaciones, han venido a difuminar fronteras, hacienda partícipes a sus usuarios de una globalización sin precedentes que propicia nuevas oportunidades, a la vez que comporta nuevos retos, riesgos y amenazas. [39]


Siber ortam: Tüm dünyaya ve uzaya yayılmış durumda bulunan bilişim systemlerinden ve bunlan birbirine bağlayan ağlardan oluşan ortami. [40] [41]

Cyberspace is the environment which consists of information systems that span across the world including the networks that interconnect these systems. [42]

United Kingdom

Cyberspace is an interactive domain made up of digital networks that is used to store, modify and communicate information. It includes the internet, but also the other information systems that support our businesses, infrastructure and services. [43]

United States

Cyberspace is a global domain within the information environment consisting of the interdependent network of information systems infrastructures including the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and embedded processors and controllers. [44]

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