Bulk Power System

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Bulk Power System | Réseau de production-transport | نظام نقل الطاقة الكهربية الكبيرة | Elektrizitätserzeugungs- und Übertragungssystem | Red de generación y transporte | Sistema de generación y transporte | Sistema di produzione e trasmissione | Sistema elettrico per l'energia | 大規模電力系統 | System wytwórczo-przesyłowy | Sistema de produção-transporte | Rede de produção-transporte | главни електроенергетски систем, м јд | Systemdel för produktion och överföring


European Definitions

National Definitions

United Kingdom

Bulk generation: Generating system that (unlike distributed generation) is built on a dedicated site, is developed for commercial purposes of selling all energy produced, and is connected to higher voltage lines for being distributed to the entire customer base. Importantly, bulk generation may be operated by the Electric Utility or by IPPs. [1]

United States

Bulk Power System are (A) facilities and control systems necessary for operating an interconnected electric energy transmission network (or any portion thereof); and (B) electric energy from generation facilities needed to maintain transmission system reliability. The term does not include facilities used in the local distribution of electric energy. [2]

Other definitions

Bulk Energy System (BES) is the electrical generation resources, transmission lines, interconnections with neighboring systems, and associated equipment, generally operated at voltages of 100 kV or higher). [3]

Radial transmission facilities serving only load with one transmission source are generally not included in this definition.

Standard Definition


Bulk power system (BPS) or the bulk electricity system (BES) is the portion of the electric power system comprising the facilities used for the generation and transmission of electric energy. [4]

Réseau de production-transport ou le système de production-transport est in partie d'un réseau d'énergie électrique comprenant les moyens de production et de transport de l'énergie électrique. [4]

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