Cyber Resilience

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National definitions


Rezilienţa infrastructurilor cibernetice: capacitatea componentelor infrastructurilor cibernetice de a rezista unui incident sau atac cibernetic şi de a reveni la starea de normalitate.

Cyber infrastructure resilience the capacity of infrastructure components to withstand cyber attack or cyber incident and return to normality. [1]

Other Definitions


Cyber resilience is being able to prepare for, adapt to, withstand and rapidly recover and learn from disruptions from cyber criminality/attacks. [2]

To do this, people need to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of the risk, in whatever setting they find themselves in, and then take the necessary steps to prepare for and respond to such events.

Other International Definitions


Cyber resilience refers to the ability to continuously deliver the intended outcome despite adverse cyber events. [3]

World Economic Forum

The ability of systems and organizations to withstand cyber events, measured by the combination of mean time to failure and mean time to recovery. [4]

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