Merlin Process Designer

The Merlin Process Designer, Merlin for short, is a software tool for the design, planning and documentation of discrete biotechnological processes.

In Merlin, processes are modeled in a material-flow-based process notation that is formally derived from so-called computation graphs. Merlin visualizes process representations similar to other well-known process notations such as Flowcharts and the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN2). In contrast to both notations, Merlin differentiates between process descriptions and process executions. Another unique feature is the textual representation shown alongside the conventional visualization of graph-based process models, the former resembling the layout of technical and scientific documentation.

Integration of 3rd-Party Software

Merlin allows to interact with 3rd party data management tools by means of built-in importers/exporters and external services. A good application example is the interaction with electronic lab notebooks


Status quo of the implementation of the Merlin Process Designer
as demonstrated at the Medica 2018 (Duesseldorf, Germany).
Concept video of the Merlin Process Designer
demonstrated at BIO 2016 (Philadelphia, USA)