EMSN Connect

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EMSN Connect

The European Maritime Simulator Network (EMSN) has set itself the task of increasingly highlighting and exploiting the advantages of collaborative simulation in a digitized world in order to validate exemplary developments of route exchange formats or other services. Besides the testing of technological developments, there is a great interest in the ever growing field of linked simulations in the field of education and training of seafarers.

Prior to implementation, new inventions, applications and innovations must be thoroughly validated in a realistic environment. Being the largest and most progressive civil facility of its kind, the European Maritime Simulator Network is just the platform for this new way of concept testing.

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Complex Environments

The EMSN connects state-of-the-art ship handling simulators, enriching their advanced capabilities regarding modelling of ship hydrodynamics and environmental conditions.

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In-depth assessments

The EMSN provides central logging of all quantitative data from participating sites. Qualitative data can be gathered by e.g test participant surveys or external expert ratings.

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Realistic Exercises

The EMSN facilitates a high number of human-operated ships within a single simulation environment. Thus, complex and realistic traffic situations can be created and run in real time.