M.Sc. Sarah Zwick

Sarah Zwick, M.Sc. Production Engineering, has been working as a Project Manager and Offshore Operations Manager in the "Wind Measurement and Characterization Department" at Fraunhofer IWES since August 2019. She started working in the field of offshore wind energy already in 2008, during her studies. As a research assistant at IWES, Sarah is responsible for the planning and execution of all offshore operations with the Fraunhofer IWES Wind-LiDAR buoys. She also manages industrial projects where the lidar buoy is used.

Lidar-Boje auf der Fläche N-7.2

Waves, buoys, offshore wind energy: Wind measurement in the German Bight

Fraunhofer IWES Wind Lidar Buoys floated in the German Bight, east of the Bard Offshore 1 wind farm, at times last year. These yellow buoys ensure that comprehensive wind measurement data and meteorological parameters can be precisely recorded and evaluated….