Urban renewal


This showcase focuses on providing mixed reality technologies for urban planning teams within the physical enviroment of a planning site. The teams can consist of architects and specialists as well as investors, politicans and any citizens interested in observing and affecting the early stages of the planning process.

This innovates the practice of urban renewal, by bringing it outdoors, involving citizens and other stakeholders and emphasizing its cooperative and experimental aspects.

Key Challenges


The mixed reality tools we are developing are hosted in our MR-Tent (mixed-reality-tent). The MR-Tent, a formidable design task in itself, provides a shelter for the project equipment, also protecting projections from ambient light, with flexible openings and a view onto the site.


Real urban renewal projects were involved as partners for field work:

The technologies have been also presented to a broader public:


The ColorTable is a tangible user interface, designed for creating mixed reality scenes in medium-sized urban planning contexts. It allows assigning content to colored tokens and positioning them on a physical map. The composed scene is visualized on the fly on a three-dimensional projection.

Different content types are supported:

The traffic as well as many of the billboards and geometries are associated with sounds. The sounds are played through 8 speakers to ensure the spatial awareness.

The ColorTable was also integrated with the Urban Sketcher, which allows users to sketch directly on the projection.

Further Reading

For development at TUGraz see: IPCity @ TUGraz
For development at TUWien see: IPCity @ TUWien

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