Mixed reality infrastructure

Mixed reality (MR) infrastructure is focusing on basic research for mobile devices and their application for urban environments. Mobile settings in this context can vary in scale between light-weight systems such as smart phones or sub-notebooks, and semi-stationary devices such as high-end equipment in the MR tent. Light-weight devices are used for exploring a larger region in the urban environment. The idea of scouting allows a user, who is equipped with a portable device and several sensors (i.e. GPS receiver, camera), to act as a data collector and to deliver required data (e.g. images, videos, sounds) for the urban planning process.

The idea of the MR tent is to give shelter and to provide high-end equipment to a larger audience. The research of WP5 also includes a communication infrastructure which allows the efficient communication between mobile users and the participants in MR tent. Since mobile users must be located within different environments and settings the fusion of different sensors such as GPS, interia and vision-based tracking for unconstrained environments must be carried out. The following list summarizes the main research objectives of this workpackage:

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