Descriptions of the Exhibitions

Groundfloor map

Lichthof A / Exhibition and reading lounge
IPCity presents the key findings of the project’s technical work packages and the showcases: Urban renewal, Environmental Awareness, Time Warp and City Tales. The demonstrations focus on the technologies and applications developed in the project as well as how the technologies were tried in field trials. The information is displayed in various formats, such as posters, pictures and video. Project publications are available for those interested in the scientific publications of the IPCity.

Lichthof B and Courtyard, MRTent /
Daily demo-session, hand on experiences and special events.
IPCity-workspaces allow visitors to try out the technologies applied within the various showcases. Each showcase provides individual scenarios of use: in Lichthof B visitors can exploit the stationary multi-touch screen or participate in the various games – supported by hand held devices – to explore the nearby and wider surrounding of die Angewandte. In the MRTent in the courtyard hands-on experiences with the ColorTable are offered, that allows for cooperative design in the creation of urban scenarios related to earlier field trials: Additionally the MRTent hosts electronic artistic sound performances in the evenings.

Time Warp / Lichthof B
Demo game sessions outside of final event location in Vienna’s city-streets, every couple of hours.

Environmental Awareness Game / Lichthof B
Game-sessions into Vienna’s city streets: 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm.

Story Telling/ Lichthof B

Infrastructure/ Lichthof B

Urban Renewal / MRTent
Hands-on experiences all day with the ColorTable
+ special session for urban planners and architects at 3pm.

Wednesday 24 at 6.30pm PERFORMANCE

Gammon, Joa Knierzinger and Karl Salzmann: ColorTable Intervention

Color Table Intervention / Wednesday 24, 6.30 – 7.30pm
With their automated ColorTable intervention Gammon, Joa Knierzinger and Karl Salzmann explore the influence of two differing systems. Fluctuating objects are drawing arbitrary routs inside their enclosed System. The consolidation of movements with a virtual settlement of visual and acoustic events results in numerous counter-reactions and dynamic variations. The occurring spatial environment is a metaphor to personal interfering actions into current regulations.

Thursday 25 at 6pm PANEL DISCUSSION / Alte Mensa
Mixed Reality – Strategies of Representation and Communication Techniques
Statements by John McMorrough, Meejin Yoon
Discussion +  Rainer Pirker, Max Rieder
Moderation: Kari Kuutti

Thursday 25 at 8pm FINISSAGE / AULA, Courtyard: MRTent
Gammon: Multi-channel Live-Performance with electronic devices, laptop and guitar.
The technologies exhibited in the Final Event are described in the pages below.

Color Table

Urban Sketcher



Time Warp

City tales