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TimeWarp Tests in Cologne

TimeWarp is a mixed reality time travel game which takes place in the City of Cologne, Germany. Later this year we are looking for groups of users from all backgrounds to take part in this exciting game. If you are interested please contact:

What is TimeWarp?
TimeWarp is game where you rescue mythical characters from various time periods in Cologne. As you walk round the city you carry a small ultramobile PC which acts as a magic lens into a new augmented world. As you walk around the city you will be able to interact with various virtual characters, buildings and objects, these are superimposed over real world elements.

Where does it take place?
The game is location based so only operates in Cologne, Germany. The precise locations are within 1km of the Cathedral.

How many players?
TimeWarp is a collaborative game so each group will consist of two players, you can volunteer individually or perhaps with a friend or family member.

Is it dangerous?
No. The only risks are what you would find in any busy street environment e.g. other people or cars. However all participation is at your own risk and you will be asked to sign a waiver form.

Do you collect data about me?
Yes we collect basic profile information as well as data about your actions within the game. All participants must agree to let us use this data. However we will not print your picture or name without your permission.

Do I get paid?
We pay a very small participation fee to cover your expenses.

When are the trials taking place?
August and September.

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