Security of Supply

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National Definitions


Huoltovarmuus: Väestön toimeentulon, maan talouselämän ja maanpuolustuksen kannalta välttämättömien taloudellisten toimintojen ja niihin liittyvien teknisten järjestelmien turvaamista poikkeusolojen ja niihin verrattavissa olevien vakavien häiriöiden varalta. [1]

Security of supply: The capacity to maintain the basic activities that are indispensable for safeguarding the population’s living conditions, for sustaining the functioning of critical infrastructures, and the material preconditions for maintaining national preparedness and defence in case of emergency conditions and serious disturbances. [2]

United Kingdom

Security of Supply is a nation’s ability to assure and be assured of contracted supplies of goods and services sufficient to discharge its defence and security commitments in accordance with its foreign and security policy requirements. [3]

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