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Organisations with CI/CII specific resources
Organisation Long name Link Sector(s) Short description Resources
FIRST Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams Web ICT FIRST is the global Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams. Security library and Good Practices
ITU International Telecommunications Union Web Telecommunication The United Nations specialised agency for information and communication technologies – ICTs. CIP resources via search
MERIDIAN MERIDIAN Web ICT The Meridian Process includes the Meridian CIIP Directory, the Newsletter “CIIP Matters”, the Meridian Process Control System Information Exchange (MPCSIE), and guidelines for planning a CIIP strategy. Membership only.
TISP The Infrastructure Security Partnership Web Infrastructure Security The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP) Council facilitates public and private sector collaboration that advances the practice and policies of regional and infrastructure security and resilience. - See more at:

UIC Union International de Chemin de Fer Web Railways The UIC promotes rail transport at world level and meets the challenges of mobility and sustainable development. CIP green paper position

European Union
CIWIN European Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network (EU) Web ALL Closed EU community warning network.
DG HOME AFFAIRS European Union DG Home Affairs Web ALL Reducing the vulnerabilities of CI and increasing their resilience is one of the major objectives of the EU. An adequate level of protection must be ensured and the detrimental effects of disruptions on the society and citizens must be limited as far as possible. Policy documents
EGC European Government CERTs group Web ICT (for ALL) Closed group of EU national CERTs. Links to membership resources
ENISA European Union Agency for Network and Information Security Web ICT ENISA is the EU’s response to the cyber security issues of the EU. CIIP and Resilience program
ENTSO-E European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity Web Power ENTSO-E represents 41 electricity transmission system operators (TSOs) from 34 countries across Europe. Operational security
ENTSO-G European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas Web Gas ENTSO-G represents 44 gas transmission system operators (TSOs) and three associated partners from 26 countries across Europe. Activities
EPCIP European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (DG Home Web ALL sets the overall framework for activities aimed at improving the protection of CI in Europe - across all EU States and in all relevant sectors of economic activity. The threats to which the programme aims to respond are not only confined to terrorism, but also include criminal activities, natural disasters and other causes of accidents (all hazards, cross-sector). The EPCIP is supported by regular exchanges of information between EU States in the frame of the CIP Contact Points meetings. EPCIP documents

ERA European Railway Agency Web Railways The Agency has been established to provide the EU Member States and the Commission with technical assistance in the fields of railway safety and interoperability. This involves the development and implementation of Technical Specifications for Interoperability and a common approach to questions concerning railway safety. The Agency's main task is to manage the preparation of these measures. ERTMS
ERNCIP European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EU JRC) Web ALL The ERNCIP Inventory is a free-to-use search tool for open-source information on European security experimental and testing facilities. The system stores detailed profiles of laboratories which have capabilities in the field of CIP. Inventory
GIE Gas Infrastructure Europe Web Gas Transmission, Storage, LNG Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) is an association representing the sole interest of the gas infrastructure industry. resources
North America
DHS USA's Department of Homeland Security Web ALL The USA's Department of Homeland Security has a vital mission: to secure the nation from the many threats the USA faces. cyber security, CIP daily newsletter
GMU George Mason University Center for Infrastructure Protection & Homeland Security Web ALL This Center integrates law, policy, and technology to conduct comprehensive analyses and research, including resiliency studies, independent program assessments, security evaluations, educational initiatives, conferences, white papers, and recommendations relevant to improving the safety and security of the United States and its allies. The CIP Report and other resources>
NERC North American Electric Reliability Corporation Web Power The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is a not-for-profit international regulatory authority whose mission is to assure the reliability of the bulk power system in North America. CIP pages and standards
PSC Public Safety Canada Web ALL Public Safety Canada has compiled a collection of pertinent legislation, guidance material, and other resources for the use of CI partners and stakeholders. cyber security, CIP resources
ANSSI French National Agency for computing security website Web ICT The French agency's website for Cyber Security and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CCIIP). protection of CI resources
BSI/BBK Germany's Critical Infrastructure Protection website Web ALL and ICT The German inter-agency and interdisciplinary website for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) reflecting its special significance for our society. CIP and CIIP resources

CNAIPIC Italy's National Anti-Crime Computer Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection Web ALL The CNAIPIC is exclusively responsible for the prevention and suppression of crime, the common matrix, organised or terrorist, who would target information infrastructures that are critical by nature or are of national importance. Resources
CNPIC Spain's National Centre for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure Web ALL CNPIC in charge of promoting, coordinating and supervising all Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)-related activities for which the Secretariat of State for Security is competent at national level. Resources
CPNI UK's Centre for Protection of the National Infrastructure Web ALL CPNI protects national security by providing protective security advice. Our advice covers physical security, personnel security and cyber security/information assurance. Cyber security. Physical security, Personnel security Italian node of the European Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Centre Web ALL EISAC is an international initiative aiming at establishing a collaborative, European-wide platform in the domain of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), for supporting Operators and Public Authorities in better protecting assets and in enhancing their resilience with respect to all hazards.
Netbeheer Nederland Netbeheer Nederland: the Association of Energy Network Operators in the Netherlands Electricity, Gas Netbeheer Nederland is the association in the energy sector representing the interests of national and regional electricity and gas network operators in the Netherlands. Network operators have two main tasks: they facilitate the smooth functioning of the market and they manage the physical infrastructure of the transport network. Netbeheer Nederland promotes a dialogue between governmental bodies and market participants on the contribution network operators can make towards realizing a successful transition to a sustainable energy supply. Netbeheer Nederland consults with the Office of Energy Regulation about how gas and electricity supply can be maintained and extended at socially responsible and efficient levels. Security of supply and safety are predominant considerations in this endeavor. In addition, Netbeheer Nederland organizes consultation between market parties on adjustments needed to facilitate the smooth functioning of the free market. On behalf of network operators, Netbeheer Nederland makes proposals for the adjustment of the legally established regulations and procedures for, among other things, network tariffs. Netbeheer Nederland also proposes the general terms and conditions for network connections and energy transport.
NCSC Netherlands Cyber Security Centre Web ALL CII protection. Cyber security expertise and advice, factsheets and white papers
RIA Estonia's Information System Authority (RIA) Web ICT The Department of Critical Information Infrastructure Protection at RIA mainly concentrates on questions related to the protection of such information systems that are needed for the proper functioning of vital services. The main task of the department is to arrange protection for the state’s critical public and private information systems on the national level. CIIP resources