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European Definitions


Event is an occurrence of a particular set of circumstances (refers to ISO/IEC Guide 73). [1]

National Definitions


Event is an incident or situation, which occurs in a particular place during a particular interval of time. [2]

Occurrence or change of a particular set of circumstances. [3]


A significant occurrence that may or may not be planned and may impact the safety and security of Canadians.

Fait important, planifié ou non, qui peut avoir des repercussions sur la sécurité des Canadiens. [4]

Czech Republic

Událost: Výskyt nebo změna určité množiny okolností. [5]

Event is the occurrence or change of a certain set of circumstances. [6]

United States

Any observable occurrence in a network or system.[7]

Any observable occurrence in an information system. [8]

Standard Definition

ISO/PAS 22399:2007

Occurrence or change of a particular set of circumstances. [9]

ISO/IEC 27000:2014 [10] also notes that:

  • An event can be one or more occurrences, and can have several causes.
  • An event can consist of something not happening.
  • An event can sometimes be referred to as an “incident” or “accident”.

Moreover, ISO 31000:2009 [11].}} notes that an event without consequences can also be referred to as a “near miss”, “incident”, “near hit” or “close call”.

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