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In Germany, the following sectors (and industries) are assigned to critical infrastructures [1]:

  • Transport and traffic (aviation, maritime shipping, inland waterway transport, rail traffic, road traffic, logistics)
  • Energy (electricity, mineral oil, gas)
  • Information technology and telecommunication (telecommunication, information technology)
  • Finance and insurance sector (banks/financial institutes, insurance companies, financial service providers, stock exchanges)
  • State and administration (government and administration, parliament, judicial institutions, emergency and rescue services including disaster control)
  • Food (food industry, food trade)
  • Water (public water supply, public wastewater disposal)
  • Health (medical care, pharmaceuticals and vaccines, laboratories)
  • Media and culture (broadcasting (television and radio), printed and electronic press, cultural assets, highly symbolic buildings)

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  1. Unpublished working glossary of UP KRITIS and BSI, 2014