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National Definitions

United States

Community refers to a place designated by geographical boundaries that functions under the jurisdiction of a governance structure, such as a town, city, or county. It is within these places that people live, work, play, and build their futures. [1]

FEMA[2] refers to the term of "Whole Community":
  • Individuals and families, including those with access and functional needs
  • Businesses
  • Faith-based and community organizations
  • Nonprofit groups
  • Schools and academia
  • Media outlets
  • All levels of government, including state, local, tribal, territorial, and federal partners

The phrase "whole community" appears a lot in preparedness materials, as it is one of the guiding principles. It means two things:

  1. Involving people in the development of the national preparedness documents.
  2. Ensuring their roles and responsibilities are reflected in the content of the materials.

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