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CIPedia©, as described in the CIPRNet’s Work Programme, is a Wikipedia-like online community service focusing on Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience -related issues, to be hosted on the web server of the CIPRNet project.

Starting from the CIPRNet Work Programme, CIPedia© is planned to be a Wikipedia-like online community service that will be one component of the CIPRNet’s VCCC (Virtual Centre of Competence and expertise in CIP) web portal, to be hosted on the web server of the CIPRNet project. It is a multinational, multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral web collaboration tool for information sharing on CI-related matters. It will promote communication between CIP-related stakeholders, including policy-makers, competent authorities, CIP operators and owners, manufacturers, CIP-related facilities and laboratories, and the public at large. The CIPedia© service aims to establish itself as a common reference point for CIP concepts and definitions. It will gather information from various CIP-related sources and combine them in order to collect and present knowledge on the CIP knowledge domain. It will be dynamic, as it will allow stakeholders to update information as the domain evolves and new concepts emerge or receive different meaning.

CIP terminology varies significantly due to contextual or sectoral differences, which combined with the lack of standardization, create an unclear landscape of concepts and terms. CIPedia© will not aim at solving such conflicts. On the contrary, CIPedia© should try to serve as a point of disambiguation where various meanings and definitions are listed, guiding the reader to seek additional information to the relevant sources. CIPedia© should not attempt to decide upon a common definition, as this should be a process achieved collectively by the CIP community. CIPedia© will be a collaboration platform that may facilitate towards such a direction, but it will not act as a moderator on terminology discussion.

CIPedia© aims at providing knowledge on CIP to a wide audience, including professionals, scientists and the public at large. There are multiple models to represent such knowledge, ranging for simple glossaries to complex ontologies. In this subsection, we will examine various models and identify existing, relevant approaches already designed for CIP.

In its initial stages of development, CIPedia© may resemble to a glossary, which means it will be a collection of pages – one page for each concept with key definitions – but it aims to expand more and include discussion on each concept, links to useful information, important references, disambiguation notes, etc. Just like Wikipedia, articles should begin with an appropriate definition or possible two or more rival definitions, but they should provide other types of information about that topic as well. The full articles will eventually grow into a form very different from dictionary entries. Moreover, if two concepts are used in a similar way, they can be merged into one page and a discussion on their use can follow. CIPedia© will not try to reach consensus about which term or which definition is optimum, but it will record any differences in opinion or approach.