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European Definitions

Other International Definitions


(Cyber) attack are the activities undertaken to bypass or exploit deficiencies in a system's security mechanisms. [1]

By a direct attack on a system they exploit deficiencies in the underlying algorithms, principles, or properties of a security mechanism. Indirect attacks are performed

when they bypass the mechanism, or when they make the system use the mechanism incorrectly.

Attaque: Activités entreprises pour contourner ou exploiter des déficiences constatées dans les mécanismes de sécurité d'un système. [2]

Ataque: Actividades realizadas para obviar los mecanismos de seguridad de un sistema o aprovechar sus deficiencias. [3]

攻击: 为绕过一个系统的安全机制或利用其漏洞而采取的行动. [4]

National Definitions

Czech Republic

Útok: Pokus o zničení, vystavení hrozbě, nežádoucí změnu, vyřazení z činnosti, zcizení nebo získání neautorizovaného přístupu k aktivu nebo uskutečnění neautorizovaného použití aktiva. [5]

Attack is an attempt at destruction, exposure to a threat, unwanted change, putting out of operation, stealing or obtaining an unauthorized access to an asset or execution of an unauthorized use of an asset. [6]


攻撃: インテリジェントな脅威、すなわちセキュリティサービスを回避し、システムのセキュリティポリシーを侵害する故意の試み(特に、方式あるいは技法という意味において)としてのインテリジェントな動作によってもたらされるセキュリティシステムへの攻撃.

(Cyber) attack is an assault on system security that derives from an intelligent threat, i.e., an intelligent act that is a deliberate attempt (especially in the sense of a method or technique) to evade security services and violate the security policy of a system. [7]

Standard Definition


An intentional act by which an entity attempts to evade security services and violate the security policy of a system. That is, an actual assault on system security that derives from an intelligent threat.

A method or technique used in an assault (e.g., masquerade).[8]

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