Adaptive Capacity

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Some of the definitions below may refer to Adaptation to Climate Change.


European Definitions

RESIN project

The RESIN project [1] gives the following definition:

The ability of systems, institutions, humans and other organisms to adjust to potential damage, to take advantage of opportunities, or to respond to consequences [2]

Other International Definitions

National Definitions


The adaptive capacity of a country depends on what institutions, skills and resources it has available. [3]

United Kingdom (UK)

Adaptive capacity describes the ability of a sector to design or implement effective adaptation measures, using information on possible future climate change and extreme weather to moderate potential damage, take advantage of opportunities or to cope with the consequences. [4]

Other Definitions


The ability of a system to adjust to climate change (including climate change variability and extremes) to moderate potential damages, to take advantage of opportunities, or to cope with the consequences. [5]

Standard Definition

Discussion Topic

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[6] [7]

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