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===Standard Definition===
===Standard Definition===
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[[Category: Transport]][[Category:Event]]
[[Category: Transport]][[Category:Event]]
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European Definitions

Directive 2004/49/EC

(For the Railway (Transport) Sector) An unwanted or unintended sudden event or a specific chain of such events which have harmful consequences; accidents are divided into the following categories: collisions, derailments, level-crossing accidents, accidents to persons caused by rolling stock in motion, fires and other. [1]


(For the Railway (Transport) Sector) An unintended event or series of events that results in death, injury, loss of a system or service, or environmental damage [2].

Other International Definitions

An unintended event or series of events that results in harm. [3]

National Definitions


A sudden event in which harm is caused to people, property or the built or natural environment. [4]


An unintended, unplanned and unexpected event that interrupts an activity and sometimes causes injury or damage.
Événement involontaire, non planifié et imprévu qui interrompt une activité et qui entraîne parfois des blessures ou des dommages. [5]

See also


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