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National Definitions


Accesibilidad: Acceso universal a la Web, independientemente del tipo de hardware, software, infraestructura de red, idioma, cultura, localización geográfica y capacidades de los usuarios (W3C World Wide Web Consortium). En el contexto colombiano, ha venido asumiéndose como las condiciones que se incorporan en sitios y herramientas web que favorecen el que usuarios en condiciones de deficiencia tecnológica, física o sensorial o en condiciones particulares de entornos difíciles o no apropiados, puedan hacer uso de estos recursos de la Web. [1]

Universal access to the Web, regardless of the type of hardware, software, network infrastructure, language, culture, geographical location and user capabilities (W3C World Wide Web Consortium). In the Colombian context, it has been assumed as the conditions that are incorporated in web sites and tools that favor users in conditions of technological, physical or sensorial deficiency or in particular conditions of difficult or inappropriate environments, to make use of these resources of the web.

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Accessibility: Authorized persons and transactions can access information systems and the information therein within the required time and quality. [2]


הבטחת אפשרות לגישה למערכת ממוחשבת ולמידע המצוי בה באופן בלעדי למוסמכים לכך [3]


Accessibility refers to the accessibility of web pages to all users. People with impaired sight, hearing, manual dexterity or cognitive function encounter barriers when they attempt to use the Internet. [4]


Accessibility: Ability to access information and services by minimizing barriers of distance and cost. [5]


Accesibilidad: Los contenidos y servicios digitales deberán tener las características de acceso reconocidas a nivel internacional, incluyendo las que se refieren a respetar y considerar las necesidades específicas de las personas con capacidades especiales. [6]


Assurance that a service meets certain requirements for stability, such that the information is available when needed. [7]

Tilgjengelighet: Sikkerhet for at en tjeneste oppfyller bestemte krav til stabilitet, slik at aktuell informasjon er tilgjengelig ved behov. [8]


Erişilebilirlik: Yetkili bir varlık tarafından talep edildiğinde erişilebilir ve kullanılabilir olma özelliğini. [9]

Accessibility: The characteristic of being accessible and useable when demanded by an authorized entity. [10]

Authorized persons and transactions can access information systems and the information therein within the required time and quality. [11]

Erişilebilirlik: Yetkili kişilerin ve işlemlerin ihtiyaç duyulan zaman içerisinde ve ihtiyaç duyulan kalitede bilişim sistemlerine ve bilgiye erişebilmesini. [12]

United Arab Emirates

Accessibility: The ability for people to move round an area and to reach desired destinations, including ‘mobility impaired individuals’ (elderly, disabled people, those with small children or encumbered with luggage or shopping). [13]

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